Transition Design Bibliography

The Transition Design Bibliography contains references and links to texts relevant to the emerging field of Transition Design and has been organized into categories that correspond to the four areas of the Framework. Many texts are  naturally relevant to more than one area.


Key topics include: cosmopolitan localism, relationship to place, futuring, scenario planning, long-term thinking, narrative and storytelling

Theories of Change

Key topics include: living systems theory, ecology, transitions management/sustainability transitions, socio-technical  regimes, post-normal science, needs theory, everyday life critique, social practice theory, social psychology, framing and  metaphor, alternative economics, systems thinking, social ecology.

Mindset and Posture

Key topics include: worldview/mindset, Goethean science, holism and form, mechanicism/reductionism, phenomenology, aesthetics/beauty, craft, collaboration, transdisciplinarity, indigenous wisdom, ecopsychology, relationality, self-reflection, new ways of being, mind and body.

New Ways of Designing

Key topics include: social innovation, service design, permaculture, transition design, design ethics, indigenous design,  biomimicry, ecological design, wicked problems, co-design.

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