Teaching Materials to Share

Course outline and schedule for inaugural Transition Design seminar, 2015

This document includes synopses of lectures and discussion topics, and references for readings with page numbers. The  course is organized around the Transition Design Framework, successively moving through ‘vision’, ‘theories of change’,  ‘mindset and posture’ and ‘new ways of designing’. It also includes a number of class assignments.
Download a copy of the Transition Design seminar, 2015>>

Syllabus for Transition Design Seminar, 2015

This document places the transition design seminar in the context of various contemporary ‘transition discourses’, gives a course overview and summarizes course objectives, learning outcomes and structure.
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Transition Design Case Study Template

Two Transition Design case study templates that incorporated the ideas discussed in the seminar were given to students.  The first guided them in a critique of an existing project, the second asked them to hypothetically develop this project.
Download the case study templates 2015>>