Current Discussion Topic:

What is Design’s Role in Amplifying the Commons?

A Proposal and Invitation

Transition Design is an area of design research, practice and study that was conceived at the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University in 2012 and integrated into new programs and curricula that launched in fall, 2014. However it is presented here as an open source concept and an invitation for engagement and co-evolution with educators, researchers and practitioners from design and related disciplines.

The areas of service design and design for social innovation are now internationally recognized approaches with networks of researchers, educators and practitioners working to evolve the practice and develop accepted methodologies, tools and processes. Our proposal is to open a space in which Transition Design can evolve in a similar way and connect to other global transition initiatives.

This website is a space for the collaborative development of this emerging field through the sharing of papers, articles, videos, curricula and other resources, and through fostering dialogue, debate and networking. Since transition is inherently a transdisciplinary project, this website intended not only for design specialists but also for specialists from the natural and social sciences, the humanities and the arts.

This website is administered by the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University but it is hoped that it will come to reflect the collaborative input of multiple institutions and individuals.The School of Design is working with the University of Palermo, Buenos Aires; Eina School of Design and Art, Barcelona; and Schumacher College/Plymouth University, UK to integrate Transition Design into their research agendas and curricula.